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Lama Temple

By 2015-03-21 GAC

Last Saturday was a perfect day to do some sightseeing. The sky was perfectly blue, the air was clean and fresh, the sun was beating down but there was still a cold little wind, as if it was here to remind us that summer hasn’t yet arrived.


Go Abroad China decided to take the students to Lama Temple, one of the most important tibetan buddhist temple of the world. Some of the students were new so it was a great opportunity for them to socialize with the others. Students from the chinese program and others from the internship program offered by GAC were excited to be here, they all have had a long week, and visiting a well-known temple on a sunny day was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


The temple was pretty busy, hundreds of Chinese were praying inside and outside the rooms, their lit incense sticks in their joined hands, hidding their faces full of faith. For the whole time, we were almost forgetting that we were in a temple located in the middle of Beijing highways and crowd, it felt like we were inside a temple lost somewhere in the high Tibetan plains.


As we arrived at the end of the temple, in the last building where stands an incredible 18 meter high sculpture of Maitreya, the future goddess believed to be a successor of Sakyamuni Buddha, the visit was then over. It was time to go back, of course the students were enjoying their time, we couldn’t just go back home, so we all decided to go for a walk.


The student were sharing their chinese experience ; Sara told us about her language courses in BLCU which she was truly enjoying, her class was totally international with people from Mongolia, Kazakhstan, France etc… and she was delighted as she could now express herself in chinese. Janine, who came 2 weeks ago was talking about her internship in marketing, which she thought was very interesting and insightful giving that it was her first time working among Chinese, and she was actually learning a lot from their way of working.


It took us 20 minutes to walk from Lama temple to Nanluoguxiang, a lovely Hutong (chinese old street), with multitude of shops such as bubble tea, traditional scarfs, chinese home wear, restaurants and everything you can think of. It was heart-warming to see how the students loved it and how excited they were to have discovered it.


Walking around the hutongs is definitely something you want to do during your weekends, enjoy the nice weather and get lost, because that’s how you find great spots. That’s all the charm of the Hutongs. GAC knew already some marvelous places and gave some tips to the students who, judging by the expression on their faces, will definitely go back



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