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Introduction to Chinese Medicine

By 2013-12-06

Last time Go Abroad China organized a brand new Social and Cultural Activity for its participants was a relaxing and inspiring one!


Thanks to the relations with the Oriental Intercultural Medical, an international medical institution based in Beijing devoted to developing a modern style of Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) services open to all, Go Abroad China’s participants had the opportunity to attend a lecture about this new center, the new modern style of Traditional Chinese Medical they are developing and, last but not least, try some of their services. The mission of the center is to integrate the Chinese Traditional Medicine with Western Standards, and in general to promote Chinese Medicine around the world. After the brief introduction Miss Jenna gave us about the spreading culture of Chinese Medicine all over the world (especially in the US and in Europe) Doctor Wang explained the theory at the basis of the Chinese Medicine approach and shared some very useful health information and advice.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on a holistic concept of the individual. According to this idea, the MindBody and the Spirit are a unique entity. In line with this theory is also the Tianrenheyi, which refers to the idea of harmony between Heaven and Earth. Here comes the interesting part! Doctor Wang presented some useful exercises everyone can do at home. Another interesting concepts that is quite known in the Western culture too, is the balance between YIN and YANG. The body needs an equal balance of Yin and Yang, but when an imbalance occurs, there is the onset of bodily discomfort and illness. So the Traditional Chinese Medical aims to restore the balance to cure ailments.

Here are some examples:


Tip number 1: Do you suffer from insomnia? There are two strategical points at the back of your neck you should massage for 100 times before going to sleep.

Tip Number 2: Self-treatment for the headache. Being one of the most common sickness, it can be eased by massaging a specific point, know also as Shou San Li. It is located approximately in the middle between the wrist and the elbow.

Tip number 3: the magic number of wellness!

Can you believe that a number can be the key to relax? Indeed! It’s 312.

“One” means one kind of respiration, namely the abdominal respiration that helps to relax.

“Two” is simply two legs. Every morning you should do 20 squats on your legs.


As you can see, those are simple tricks to keep healthy your body, nothing magical or complicated. Actually, Chinese medicine is really simple, it’ natural and there is no need to spend too much money to achieve good results. That’s why it is also called “green therapy”. The elements that compose this therapy are simple instruments. Chinese therapy relies also on the technique of the massage and on the usage of Chinese herbs.


Speaking about massage, look what a participant won as a reward for having answered correctly to a question by Doctor Wang!



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