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Fun Activities and City Excursions

By 2014-05-30 GAC

Summer is right here and our participants are all over in China. We started airport pickups since Mid-April. Go Abroad China combines activities to fully immerse our participants in the Chinese Culture and create unforgettable memories in the mind of our participants. As part of our commitment, all weekends are best moments on the 24th and 25th of May, several activities were arranged. We currently have 12 new participants in addition to old ones. Our range of activities for the weekend were:


  • Networking Dinners and related Events for all
  • Great Wall and other Historical sites
  • Calligraphy
  • Tai ji quan
  • Chinese Cuisine lessons


Participants were divided into groups with differently planned itinerary. Fortunately, the coming weekend 31st to 1st June marks Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and we will not spare our legs at all more Fun!!!! This weekend was exceptional, educative and eye opening. Check these pictures below. Credit to Zoe Wang our Customer service manager.


If you are looking to interning or studying Abroad, don’t hesitate to contact us we provide the best of services with customized elements. Enjoy our affordable accommodation arrangements, Get networked in China with a possibility of securing a permanent job and get fully immersed. No other program knows the Chinese terrain better than us. We offer the following services

Internship PlacementsChinese Immersion and Language program, Gap year Program and High School Program



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