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Emerald Island

By 2014-08-14

What can be better than escaping blazing heat of the city for a day trip to the seaside? Last weekend gathered all its participants for a trip to Emerald Island. It is situated not far from Beijing, not crowded and attracts travelers with its picturesque scenery more than anything else. Its unspoiled nature simply cannot leave you indifferent. After the ride form Beijing participants were cheered up by the by the fresh sea breath. Surrounded by the sea from three sides, we couldn’t believe how clean the emerald green water was. That is where the island (a peninsula actually) takes its name.


Inspired with the view, we started our day with the Thailand crocodile wrestlers. Watching the performers reaching down a crocodile’s throat and putting their heads between the jaws, we couldn’t believe our eyes. The next even more thrilling performance was acrobatics with the Sphere of Death. Highlight was 5 performers on small motorbikes all driving around in a steel cage ball. One small mistake could have ended very badly. Thank goodness no mistakes were made.


Right after the show we headed to our main destination for that day: the beach. Sunbeams and water splashes, waves bringing piles of seashells and the breathe with the smell of salt and sea. We dived into this atmosphere of summer and happiness leaving everything else behind.


There were dozens of interesting sand sculptures on the beach. A large sand sculpture show had just finished a few weeks ago. The combination of getting up super early and lots of sea air meant that a nice dinner was required to restore ourselves. The table full of Chinese cuisine dishes put us back on the track and prepared us for even more fun that was waiting for us.


We got back to the beach to have another session of water splashing and sun bathing. The calm and clear waters surrounding the Fei Cui Island made it a perfect place for swimming. Encouraged by the amazing weather we spend the whole afternoon at the beach. The last point of our program was a relaxing golf game. Being complete amateurs at the game didn’t stop us from having fun and enjoying our time there as the day was going to its end.


At sunset we took our ride back to Beijing. Exhausted, but happy we were going back home cherishing the memories of that amazing day at Fei Cui Island.



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