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Cultural Extravaganza at BLCU

By 2013-06-13

Did you know that BLCU is also known as a small United Nations University? Indeed last Friday, following a decennial tradition, BLCU celebrated the 10th Festival of the Cultures. Why? Because the number and the variety of international students here is incredibly high; Students from many countries around the world had the chance to show their own culture by preparing typical dishes and performing traditional dances and special attire.


Students from all over the world invaded the area of the basketball courts. Each country had its own stand, decked out according to the style and the tradition of the culture.


In the middle of the court was a concentration of Asian stands, from Afghanistan to Japan. At the Iranian stall for example, you could have a sit in a traditional Iranian living room, equipped with a Persian rug, old lamps and wooden sits. Just behind it, a New Zealand goalkeeper was challenged by the visiting students that were trying to score a goal in the goal post set up for the event. Indian students were painting beautiful henna tattoos, African stands won for the most colorful decoration, displaying tarbukas (a type drum), sandals and the typical bright color paintings and cloth material.


If you had the chance to visit the European side of the Fair, well, you were just in luck! Starting from the French stand, where handsome French guys were giving “hugs and kisses” for free; the Spanish students, dressed in a torero and flamenco dancer suit, were offering the typical Spanish drink, the Sangria (red wine with pieces of fruit). You could accompany wine with an exquisite Greek cheese and, last but not least, a real Italian pizza!


The Latin American part of the fair was obviously lively. Chile, Argentina, Perù, all displayed pictures of their countries. Many students wore old dresses for example so you felt like you were on a Cuban beach having an original mohito and dancing a typical Mexican dance, while Argentinean students displayed their prowess in a football and were quite popular to take a picture with! Finally, a huge stage was set up whereby international students could perform unique dances, songs from their countries.


It was a wonderful International Fair, an exciting meeting of different languages, cultures and unique traditions. Chinese students, from the International Student Committee helped with the organization and decoration and provided the materials to mount the stages. For those students, foreign and Chinese, who worked hard to prepare the decorations and the shows, it was interesting to work shoulder to shoulder with people from all the countries.


It was a great occasion for Chinese students to get to know better the foreign students that are studying in BLCU. They could directly go to each stand, ask about the food, clothes or anything else came to their minds about the country they are interested in. We eagerly await next year’s cultural extravaganza!



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