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Career in Finance

By 2013-08-29 GAC

In the recent decade financial industry headed the list of most attractive and desired jobs for ambitious and energetic people all over the world. According to About.com the financial industry tends to place less weight on seniority in judging the readiness of employees for advancement. High performers can move ahead regardless of age. As a result, working in financial services can be particularly attractive for ambitious young people in a hurry. These jobs offer a challenging work environment, interaction with intelligent and motivated individuals, and above-average income potential. However, competition for most of these jobs is also very high.


If you are looking into landing a job in Investment Banking or Private Equity, a paid internship in China in the finance sector can become a wide-open gateway into your dream financial services industry post – if you handle it right.


According to a recent study from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (http://www.naceweb.org/), about 63% of 2013 college graduates and 60% of students in 2012 who participated in paid internships, received at least one job offer after their stint ended. The study notes 37% of unpaid interns earned job offers.


In search for a more beneficial internship, students and young graduates head abroad for enriching their background with international work experience. As China’s job market has started booming once again after beginning of 2013, more westerners turned their attention to this opportunity. In China, finance jobs are mainly concentrated in Beijing and Shanghai offering opportunities in such sectors as investment banking, private equity, consulting and insurance. Financial companies in China are looking for capable interns from Western countries and are ready to provide all the necessary training and challenging work providing the experience essential in the finance world.



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