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Bargain Hunters in Beijing

By 2012-12-27 GAC

No matter which program you choose, Go Abroad China offers a large variety of cultural and social activities. Activities to provide the participants with even more opportunities to experience Chinese culture, to meet more people from all over the world and have more fun. Every month we thoroughly chose and plan activities to make your time in China once in a lifetime excitement.


One of our clients writes:


They say, everything is made in China these days; why not buy it here then? So here we are in the middle of the Silk Market? Six floors, hundreds of shops, thousands of vendors and millions of different goods to be bought. If you want brands, knock offs, a uniquely Beijing experience or feel like some extreme traveling, the famous or infamous Silk Street Market is a must see attraction; Whatever you are looking for, they’ve got it. But the most amazing is not the variety of brands, but the vendors themselves. Each of them can speak at least 5-6 languages. Just imagine! Not that they could discuss the climate changes with you, but their skills are enough to bargain with you no matter where you are from. It takes them less than a second to grasp your nationality basing on your appearance and outfit and address you in your language.


Unless you don’t know at least approximate price for things in China you have no chance to bargain. The first sweater we liked was 950 RMB. How’s that possible? The shop assistant with tears in her eyes and calculator in her hand enumerates endless advantages of this piece of traditional Chinese art, not just a sweater. We try to bargain, but she is invincible. Finally, the piece of art is purchased though not as cheap as we expected. That was just a matter of practice. Just in a half an hour we turn into real bargain hunters and initial prices of 1000 RMB turn into 150. Shoes, bags, paintings, jewelry and crafts are filling our shopping bags.


Three hours later, we leave the market, exhausted from brand hunting and bargaining, but genuinely proud of ourselves.



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