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20 Things I Know About China

By 2015-06-15 Moja, Go Abroad China

1. If you plan to stay for a while, learn the language.


2. Bargain, bargain, bargain – you are free to ask for a better deal while shopping at a market


3. Bicycles are a mode of transport; easily purchased and just as easily stolen!


4. Every street is lined with stalls of street food; avoid eating it if you are prone to food allergies


5. Everyone is concerned and complains about air pollution, you will not be the only one worrying about it. 


6.  Population is very large in China; expect to see crowds of people everywhere at all times.


7.  subways/metro/buses remain crowded at all times of the day


8. Counterfeit money is increasingly popular; make a habit of checking the 50 and 100 Yuan notes.


9. Roadside scams are not unusual (e.g. invitation to meet a nice girl at a café, selling you an iphone right on the sidewalk); don’t be swayed


10. Do not take an unregistered “black” taxi, if you really have no choice then make sure you are not by yourself.


11. Chinese food is really affordable, tasty with a wide variety, but it is really hard to avoid animal fats or broth even if you are vegetarian…


12. …But keep an open mind and try most things, you will enjoy it


13. Religiously drinking hot water/tea is cultural


14. Carry your own tissue and anti-bacterial wipes all the time, public places are always a breeding spot for germs.


15. Public toilets are usually “squat” type toilets with no seat


16. Most Chinese people are still quite friendly towards foreigners, but culture shock is a big reality that you will definitely face.


17. Most cities have nice parks, entrance is either free or really low cost…enjoy them


18. You will definitely enjoy the nightlife here, go on and try it out!


19. Massage/spa treatments are ridiculously cheap compared with western countries, indulge while you can.


20. Steer clear and far away from drugs/ marijuana; illegal activity carries with it some heavy sentences in China.


My final thoughts? Enjoy the best parts about China to the fullest and decide if it’s for you or not. Who knows, maybe you might just compile a list of 20 things that YOU know for sure about it. 




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